Historical gallery

Photo Gallery

Tom Haines at the old fire station standing in front
of the hearse style ambulance in 1964.

Police Chief Legrand Isgett at the old fire station.

Mayor Dozier Munn and Tom Haines at Civil
Defense hut at old fire station.

1974 new fire station with service truck, suburban
style ambulance, Ward LaFrance fire truck.

LARC 5- Landing and Resupply Cargo Model 5
Or as it is generally called, the Duck. Used in the
late 70's through the early 80's to support the
operations at the Annual Boat Race. Was set up
with an crane boom and winch, to pick the
entire boat up out of the water after crashing.

This ambulance was purchased in the mid 70's
and continues to work today in a support role
as a service truck. Ran as a primary ambulance
for about 5 years, dropped down to run only
transfers when newer, larger units became

Pamplico Dive Team, which operated from 1972
through 1980. Vince Haines, Chuck Haines,
Derek Jeffcoat, Sammy Dantzler. This truck
operated to recover bodies of drowning victims.
Also helped recover several downed boats in
the Pee Dee River. Saved one race driver
from going to the bottom when his safety line
snagged his sinking flipped boat during a race.

The largest ambulance ever run by Florence County,
this unit was large enough for any average person
to stand up in, and not hit his head on ceiling. It was
in service for about 8 years, taken out of service
in 1996. Lots of room, but too large for country
roads and low tree overhead areas.