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June 2013
Fatal head-on collision on Hwy 378
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 February 2010
Second auto accident in a week
with ejections from vehicle.

February 11, 2002 Pickup, Schoolbus and tractor trailer accident. One fatality, one injury. Tractor trailer caught fire and burned after the impact. 

This is what the scene looked like as we approached. Ambulances had to divert around scene due to the fire covering the roadway and preventing access from that way.

The top of the pickup was cut out to extricate the passenger by HSF Fire District and Pamplico Rescue. The driver was a fatality though.

Hannah-Salem-Friendfield Fire District, Pamplico Rescue  PR21 PR23, FCEMS Medic 6, FC Sheriffs Department, SC Highway Patrol
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July 2001 HWY 378 near Hanna
One car swerved to miss another, the one behind hit it head-on. 4 critical patients from a total of 7 transports.
FCEMS Medic 6 Medic 5  - Pamplico Rescue  PR21 PR23 - Hannah-Salem-Friendfield Fire District - South Lynches Fire District
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Here you can see where the roof
and doors were removed. The
severe impact forced much of the
front end of the vehicle and dash
onto the occupants. Seatbelts and airbags prevented fatalities, but with this much impact, there are still going to be severe injuries.
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Dec 1999. Extricated driver and
passenger from this van wreck. It is completely inside a gas station.
That is the front counter to the left.
PR21 PR23 FCEMS Alpha 3 Alpha 4
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Same van wreck, viewed from the outside. Several other people
and vehicles were struck in this 
van versus building wreck

This SUV ran off the road, and rolled through this fence

This post came through the back seat and into the drivers space

It actually struck the driver on the back of his shoulder. A few more inches would have been fatal to him
Some members of the department, circa 1990