The Pamplico Rescue Squad is operated by the Pamplico Rescue and Ambulance Service, Inc
We are a registered 501 c(3) non-profit corporation, and a registered charity in the State of South Carolina.
All members are volunteers that want to help provide medical services to their community.
Effective 3-2013 we are charging the patients insurance.
Any cost not paid by insurance is written off. Non-insured patients are not charged.
Our operation was formally licensed in 1972, though ambulances had been run prior to that.
Ambulances were run with persons only having First Aid training to that point.
We were fortunate in having one of the first EMT instructors in the state, William Tisdale, teach almost the entire squad.
Our license number is an early one, 27, out of 265 licensed agencies in the state.
We have 3 ambulances fully equipped to the Advanced Life Support level. We attempt to embrace new technologies as they become available.
The Pamplico Rescue Squad is a Basic Life Support Ambulance Provider, with available Advanced Life Support, licensed in South Carolina.
This allows all members to respond to any and all emergency calls.
The members are qualified to perform patient care to First Responder, EMT, EMT-I, or Paramedic levels.
We are the first line of defense in providing for care for injury, sudden health issues, and natural or man-made disasters.
All members certified to First Responder level or higher are issued First Response Gear Bags to enable them to quickly respond to emergencies local to them.
The majority of our Advanced Life Support is provided by our members who received their training and skills through working full-time with county based EMS systems.
Several of our members are some of the longest-certified persons in the state, with a very high level of experience. Many of these are instructors in various medical areas.
All calls are dispatched through our county E911 center over the 800MHz radio system, pagers, and text messaging to cellphones.
We started electronic run reporting for the State of South Carolina through the PREMIS system in May 2009.