915 S. Pamplico Hwy
Mail: P.O. Box 532
Pamplico, SC 29583
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"First Responder through Paramedic, we have you covered!"

The load for 2017 showed the increasing numbers. This time the non-emergency transport count was for the whole year.
2017 - 700 - including transport patients
2016 - 462 - start including transport patients
2015 - 260
2014 - 256
2013 - 191
2012 - 149
2011 - 170
2010 - 163
2009 - 129

Effective January 3, 2018, all volunteer work and equipment is moved over to the new building. The first day at the new building was in the snow, backing up the county with the ambulances.

Pamplico Rescue Squad responds to emergency calls, patients needing non-emergency medical evaluation and probable transport, mutual assistance to other ambulances, and stand-by for Fire Departments, Law enforcement, and disaster areas.

Robert "Stacy" Wiggin was just recognized for obtaining his new NREMT. This will provide us for more help from him in Pamplico Rescue Squad.

Welcome new member Travis Brunson, Paramedic. He is meeting with others here he has worked with at other places, and will be able to help us cover a volunteer unit more here.

Welcome Richard Smith as a new member. He is a Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Two of the three units out at the ER  running  simultaneous calls

With the aging of our second out unit, we have purchased a newer unit to take its place and move it down to third out. This will put us back to 3 units. We had dropped down to 2 as the call load lowered with the county unit here. With the current call load increase for us, that has placed additional wear and tear on the existing units. This gives us a spare in case one is needed while another is out for repairs, or worst case, three responding units.

Of the calls we run, 70% are ALS, requiring a paramedic. Overall call load is showing a 12% increase since last year.

For the Pamplico response area, our patients are  43.6% female, 54.9% male, and the average age is 54.5.

We are receiving insurance payments for emergency calls that are run. These funds are for building our new headquarters, and also to help the members defray some of their expenditures to support the squad.  Only insurance is billed, not the patient.